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  • One of our customers from Canada recently contracted Tuning Concepts to “make sure he wins the race”. Although we hear this quite routinely(and deliver as well), we wanted to make sure Domenic had the muscle necessary to get the job done! Although he managed to implode his front bumber, he […]

  • Justin will be flying to Russia(Moscow) the first week in September to take care of multiple customers in the Moscow area while attending the Moscow Unlimited 500 event. As you may know this is a “no holds barred” bare knuckled street brawl for racing. 1 mile drag race, side by side(heads up winner). He […]

  • Tuning Concepts has been forging forward on developing available “e-tuning” on 1000 plus horsepower R35 GTR’s. Said Tuning Concepts owner Justin Nenni ” We are working on getting the Nissan GTR platform perfected on email tuning high horsepower street and race cars. We are in the preliminary stages of releasable maps […]